Friday, May 25, 2007

Kiddie Kollege -- Part 2

On Wednesday, we reported that a New Jersey Assembly Environment Committee had released a bill that would provide grants to child care centers to help pay for environmental assessments that now are required when centers apply for state licenses or license renewals.

The assessments are designed to determine whether the location poses any environmental health risks to children or staff.

We noted that the Legislature would need to fast-track the legislation, since the first batch of license renewals are scheduled to arrive at the state Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) on June 1 and the Legislature will leave for its summer recess at the end of June.

Yesterday, the Senate Environment Committee released a companion bill, which means that the legislation, which provides grants of up to $1500 each, is now in place for floor votes in both chambers.

The Legislature appears to be on track to do its part. How long it will take the short-handed DEP to handle its reviews is a separate question.

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