Monday, June 4, 2007

Can dancing help save the planet?

Research conducted by a Dutch company concludes that an average-size dance club, open three nights a week, consumes 150 times the energy a four-person family does in a year. So an eco-minded couple, Stef van Dongen and Alijd van Doorn, have set out to develop designs that would change that. As reported in The Independent, they're working on a dance floor that will convert the movement of clubbers on it into electricity. Their prototype uses simple electro-mechanical system in which dancers' stomping feet squeeze a surface membrane in the floor which works a flywheel to generate voltage. The charge is then fed back into the system to light the dance floor up. Tweaking the floor system, they hope to generate excess electricity to contribute to powering the sound system, lighting or air conditioning. Another innovation involves capturing rising hot air from sweating dancers, passing it through a cooling chamber, and using the condensate to flush the lavatories. Hey, are you guys down at The Stone Pony listening to this?

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