Monday, June 4, 2007

New director of legislative affairs at PA-DEP

Scott Pauchnik of Dauphin County has been appointed as the department’s director of legislative affairs. Since 2003, Pauchnik has served as a legislative specialist in DEP’s Office of Legislative affairs, most recently as the assistant director. He was directly involved in the review and development of such legislation as the energy portfolio standard, Growing Greener II and water quality/clean air initiatives. He's also responded to inquiries and requests by members of the General Assembly and has worked with the DEP secretary and Governor’s Office of Legislative Affairs on numerous legislative matters.

Pauchnik worked for two years at EAP Industries, an environmental service provider located in Atlasburg, Washington County, where he was involved in environmental response actions and mitigation projects. He also was involved in environmental permitting and held sales and marketing responsibilities. Pauchnik holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in political science from Slippery Rock University. A native of Atlasburg, he currently lives in Harrisburg.

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