Saturday, June 2, 2007

So, why are we blogging?

Many of you already are subscribers to the daily, electronic newsletter, EnviroPolitics. If you're not, let us explain that it is a paid-subscription publication covering the top environmental and political news in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and New York. Our readers say it's comprehensive, but also a focused, time-saving (and sometimes fun) way, to stay on top of the most important environmental issues--and the politics that drives them!

EnviroPolitics also provides access to all new environmental rules and regulations from all three states and offers introduction-to-enactment tracking of all environmental legislation in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. In addition, our subscribers learn about who is coming and going in environmentally related professions, businesses and industries in our EnviroBusiness News section, and they capitalize on valuable education and networking opportunities via our Enviro-Events Calendar.

So, if we already publish a newsletter, why add a blog?

We view it as an opportunity to go beyond the headlines and stories and present background information of value to our readers and non-subscribers alike. We also hope it can become a platform that a variety of environmental experts, advocates and others can use to offer their views and insights. We're starting out slow and see where it leads.

To add your views, click on the "comment" link at the bottom of any blog post. You can provide your name or respond anonymously. If you have comments that you do not want to appear on the blog, suggestions for future messages or questions, drop us an email to us at:

We appreciate your time and welcome your participation.

Frank Brill

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