Monday, August 20, 2007

Search this: A Google electric car

In The electric car's slow shift from fantasy to fact, we highlighted two prototype plug-in autos that might eventually make it to a showroom near you --GM's Volt and the Telsa Roadster .

Add to that list the improbable entry of a Norwegian-made vehicle. Yes, Norway, next-door neighbor to the Saab-and-Volvo Swedes.

It's the 'Think' and it's caught the attention (and support) of Google, the big Internet search engine. Why is a zillion-dollar company that helps you find stuff on the Internet exploring a new business model with an obscure (but perhaps visionary) auto maker?

We're still not sure, but for a simple overview of the relationship, check out: Meet Google's Think Electric Car from EV World.

For a lot more information about 'Think' (maybe more than you'll ever need to know) see Business 2.0's Have you driven a Fjord lately?

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