Thursday, November 15, 2007

Innovative New Jersey waste hauler re-opens closed Ohio landfill

New Jersey-based TransLoad America, (TLA) a company that shreds, compacts and shrink- wraps bales of municipal garbage for shipment by rail, tomorrow will celebrate the official re-opening of a landfill that it purchased in Alliance, Ohio.

Last year, the South Orange, NJ-based firm acquired Central Waste Landfill in Smith Township, Ohio after the Mahoning County commissioners agreed to provide $45 million in low-interest financing to TLA to fund the landfill's acquisition and expansion.

The 1,400-acre facility eventually will employ 30 to 40 people as laborers and heavy equipment operators. .

The landfill, which has not accepted waste since February, 2005, is expected to generate local host fees of about $196,000 for the county in the first year. That revenue stream could grow in a few years to $1 million annually.

The company said it expects the Central Waste facility to handle 2,000 tons of waste per day. In addition to accepting waste by truck, the facility has a new on-site rail spur, which can store up to 50 rail cars.

For local stories on the landfill re-opening, see and The Alliance Review.

For more on TLA's innovative approach to waste management, which involves shrink-wrapping huge bundles of compacted waste for rail shipment and possible future use as fuel, see articles in The Pennsylvania Gazette and Waste Age.

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