Sunday, May 25, 2008

Retired Jersey eco-warriors now public scholars

Two retired veterans of Trenton environmental wars weren't always on the same side of the issues in their former professional roles but now find themselves as colleagues at Monmouth University.

The university's Urban Coast Institute has selected, as its first Public Scholars in Residence, Dr. Jim Sinclair and Mr. Andrew Willner.

For years, Sinclair, an engineer, was the chief environmental lobbyist for the New Jersey Business and Industry Association, frequently presenting the business community's position on environmental issues in testimony before the committees in the state Senate and Assembly.

Willner also made some appearances before legislative bodies during his 19 years as a national and regional advocate for coastal and marine resources as the New York/New Jersey Baykeeper.

According to the Institute, Dr. Sinclair’s efforts will focus on sustainable coastal development and business practices, regulatory policy, and private-public partnerships that support coastal and ocean conservation.

Willner will focus on assisting local urban coastal groups to garner community support for implementation of projects that support pragmatic sustainability and ecological democracy.

Both also will be available to participate in on-campus classes at the invitation of faculty, give public lectures and participate in University and public forums, develop policy papers, and stimulate and facilitate debate and dialogue on critical issues facing our coastal and ocean environment.

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