Tuesday, September 2, 2008

NJ enviro group ready to rip LNG plans

Clean Ocean Action (COA), a New Jersey shore environmental group that had big success years ago in curbing waste dumping off the coast, is focusing its attention on plans by three separate developers who want to install liquefied natural gas facilities off the coast.

Several other state environmental groups say they are studying the issue with an open mind, recognizing the short-term need for new energy supplies in the expanding northeast market while alternative energy sources are being developed. They haven't immediately opposed the LNG idea since natural gas is a cleaner-burning fuel than oil or coal.

COA has scheduled a news conference tomorrow in Trenton to unveil a study entitled: “LNG: An Un-American Energy Source, Liquefied Natural Gas: An Expensive, Dirty, Foreign Fossil Fuel that Threatens Our Natural Gas Energy Independence.

Sounds like COA folks have made up their mind, doesn't it?

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