Sunday, October 26, 2008

Energy bills light up New Jersey Legislature today

Today, at its final voting session before Election Day, the New Jersey Assembly will consider the following four environmental bills encouraging alternative energy development and energy conservation:

A-843 Chivukula, U.J. (D-17)
Provides for equal opportunity for businesses to apply for certain energy-related incentives and funding.

A-849 Chivukula, U.J. (D-17) and Voss, J.M. (D-38)
Directs the BPU to establish certain energy-conservation programs.

A-1558 Greenstein, L.R. (D-14) and Watson Coleman, B. (D-15)
Requires developers to offer solar energy systems in certain new home construction.

A-2550 Lampitt, P.R. (D-6); Chivukula, U.J. (D-17); Wagner, C. (D-38)
Permits location of certain wind and solar facilities in industrial zones.

Last Thursday, the Senate Economic Growth Committee amended and released one of two energy bills on its meeting agenda.

That measure, S-1066, Smith, B. (D-17), permits developers to qualify for low-interest loans from the NJ Economic Development Authority when building a high performance green building.

It was amended by removing a requirement that the building have at least a 15,000-square-feet in total floor area and by adding alternative rating systems to establish standards for environmental sustainability.

A second energy bill, S-1065, Smith, B. (D-17), which would permit electric public utilities, electric power suppliers and basic generation service providers to enter into certain agreements with building owners for use of solar energy systems for such buildings, was held at the sponsor's request.

Following today's session, the Legislature will be in recess until November 13 when both houses return to a full day of committee meetings.

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