Thursday, November 13, 2008

NJ or PA woman to lead Obama's EPA ?

The national rumor mill says two of the candidates on President-elect Barack Obama's short list to run the Environmental Protection Agency are New Jersey's Department of Environmental Protection Commissioner Lisa P. Jackson (pictured at left) and the woman who, until recently, held the same post in Pennsylvania--Kathleen McGinty (below left).

Also said to be under consideration for the post once held by another New Jersey woman -- former Gov. Christie Todd Whitman-- are Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius and California Democrat Mary D. Nichols. The latter is chairwoman of her state's Air Resources Board. She also
held a high-level position at the EPA during in the Clinton administration.

Even a few men have made the list of possibles to run the agency. One of them is Ian Bowles, left, who oversees the Massachusetts' Energy and Environmental Affairs agency.

Another is Robert F. Kennedy Jr., left, the New York enviro/activist lawyer who serves as "Chief Prosecuting Attorney" for Riverkeeper, an organization dedicated to "protecting the Hudson River, its tributaries and the watershed of New York City." Kennedy maintains a personal website that has all the earmarks of someone who's running for something other than obscurity.

Bowles said to be on Obama's list to oversee EPA
California official reportedly a candidate for top EPA post
NRG Energy Appoints Kathleen McGinty to Board of Directors

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