Tuesday, November 4, 2008

NJ's Energy Plan and Light Rail Success

Somewhat overlooked amidst all the talk about offshore wind farms and renewable energy goals in New Jersey's recently unveiled Energy Master Plan
is one of its truly ambitious components: a plan to conduct energy audits of some 3.7 million buildings (3.2 million of them residential) by 2020.

The idea is to pinpoint energy inefficiencies and implement conservation measures that will pay for themselves in energy cost savings over time.

NJBIZ asked Lance Miller, chief of policy and planning at the state Board of Public Utilities, where the money and manpower for such
a massive audit program might be found. You'll find his answers and comments from likely utility partners in Details on State’s Power Plan Still Unplugged.


In the latest installment of its interesting Future Facts series, the smart-growth planning organization, New Jersey Future, discusses how the Hudson Bergen Light Rail Line, has proven to be a catalyst for economic development in the communities it serves.

The Voorhees Transportation Center, an arm of the Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy at Rutgers, conducted a study of five stations on the Hudson Bergen Line and found that a housing boom around those stations had added more than $5 billion in property value to the local tax base.

You can read the entire (but nice and short) piece here.

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