Saturday, November 29, 2008

Week's top New Jersey environmental news - November 24-28, 2008

Below are just a few of the environmental news stories for New Jersey appearing in EnviroPolitics during the week of November
24-28, 2008

New Jersey Environmental News

A net gain for the birds Just as New Jersey Turnpike rest stops provide respite for people during trips along the East Coast, dormant landfills in the NJ Meadowlands play an equally crucial role for migrating birds, new research indicates Bergen Record"

Rivers too cold for dolphins?
The water in the Navesink and
Shrewsbury rivers is too cold for the dozen bottlenose dolphins that have resided there since June, says a marine mammal advocate AP Press

N.J.'s agriculture secretary leaving amid discord Budget pressure, coupled with controversy over a law that limits the land-development rights of North Jersey farmers, became so intense that some members of the state Agriculture Board demanded that State Agriculture Secretary Charles Kuperus resign. Last month, Kuperus agreed and will leave at year's end Inquirer

Renewable energy hits a snag Despite their penchant for saving money in the long run, renewable energy projects may face a slump during the economic downturn because of their high upfront costs Bergen Record

Editorial: A better way to clean up old industrial sites New Jersey is notorious for the sky-high number of former industrial sites that dot and dirty its commercial landscape, especially in the cities Courier News

A dream deferred in Galloway Ralph Pappas can finally move into his dream house. A state Appellate Court ruling marks the end of a 17-year fight between Pappas and the state Pinelands Commission AC Press

For Garden State, going green seen as a natural
From a dealer selling 100-percent electric, zero emissions, low-speed vehicles, to manufactures of eco-friendly office furniture, to PSE&G promoting green energy programs, more green vendors than ever are trying to sell to municipal officials Bergen Record

Editorial: Shady path to a park? Overpeck County Park will be a great asset to the Meadowlands area. But, with its mob connections and sketchy oversight, will it be healthy? B. Record

Falling value shatters glass recycling
As prices for recycled glass fell and the
cost of fuel for transporting it increased,
it has started to cost more to move recycled
glass than it is worth Story

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