Tuesday, January 20, 2009

How will you follow the Inauguration today?

How and where will you be watching or listening to today's historic event?

Have you brought a TV or radio to work ?

Will you be ducking into the nearest coffee shop with a wall mounted set?

Following it all online via your desktop or laptop? Or cellphone?

Or are you sneaking a sick day, staying in bed, and viewing it all on your HD flat screen?

If you're in the mood to witness history via non-traditional media, check out these two:

The Inauguration Will Be Televised — and Tweeted and Flickr’d

5 Best Ways to Watch the Obama Inauguration Online

Whatever you're planning, let us know. Click on the comment line below and tell us how you plan to watch (or listen to) the swearing-in of President Barack Obama--and other inaugural festivities.

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