Wednesday, March 4, 2009

'Blue Jersey' notes our environmental news coverage

Jason Springer
, over at the exuberantly left-leaning Blue Jersey blog, used one of our posts yesterday to set up a discussion of the controversial Licensed Site Professionals (LSP)legislation which is in place for floor votes in both houses of the New Jersey Legislature.

It wasn't the first time that Jason has made note of things we discuss here and we thank him for keeping an eye on us.

We try to read Blue Jersey every day. To keep our political scales in balance, In the Lobby is also on our daily must-read list. This blog has as much fun teasing Jersey Democrats as Blue Jersey does poking sticks at the GOP.

We wouldn't want to do without either.

OK, you 'Lobby' guys better say something nice about EnviroPolitics Blog soon or we're switching totally over to the dark side, as in...

Getting back to our LSP coverage, we've received a considerable number of reader comments and are keeping the doors open for more. You'll find them below the posts at:

NJ Licensed Site Professional bills advance (1 comment)
NJ Licensed Site Professional bill's encore ( 9 comments)

Folks on both sides of the issue are doing a nice job of arguing their case. Click on either one and then add your two-cents-worth in the comment box.

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