Friday, March 6, 2009

OMG, Chris Christie is Twittering!

Blame it all on Barack Obama, the Chicago-based politician who used the "social media" power of the Web to enlist millions of supporters in his campaign for the presidency.

But Chris Christie? The two-fisted, political-corruption-fighting former federal prosecutor?
We might have suspected that, as part of his Republican campaign to replace Democrat Jon Corzine as governor of New Jersey he'd open a website. And he has

Maybe he'd even go so far out on the social-media limb to try a blog. And he has

Chris Christie surpassed our e-networking expectations when he opened a page on Facebook

But never did we suspect that he'd hitch his star the very latest and coolest web phenomenon. But he has.

Yes, Chris Christie is twittering. (Do I hear imprisoned felons snickering?)

If you're a fellow twitter-er you'll find Mr. Christie at:

His site went live this morning at around 11:30.

[Attention: All social networking has its perils. Mr. Law and Order's welcome message today was proximate to a "tweet" from someone named DaveyBarrett who declared to the Twitter world: "Is in New Jersey. What the f__ck. Haha!"]

Remember, you read this momentous news here first at EnviroPolitics Blog.

In the interest of full disclosure, we must admit that this very message is probably already on its way, via the latest web app pipeline, to our (gulp) Twitter page. Yes, boys and girls, we, too, have been bitten by the twitter bug.

We don't know yet if it's fatal. You can find us at:

Are you on Twitter? What do you think of it? And is this a good move on Mr. Christie's part?
Let us know what you think in the comment block below. If you don't see one, click on the tiny "comments" line below and have at it. Don't forget to leave your twitter address if you've got one. You just might pick up a "follower" or two.

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