Sunday, March 15, 2009

Whistling past farm?

Several New Jersey legislators are pushing hard to enact bills that will make it easier to site solar farms and wind turbines:

-- in industrial areas (A-2550-on Governor Corzine's desk) and,

-- on farms (S-1538 - Senate floor) and (A-2859 - Appropriations).

When they're finished with those projects, we've got a new location they might consider promoting--cemeteries.

Really. Consider the fact that many cemeteries have lots of space (which both types of alternative energy facilities require) and, well, aren't exactly bustling with activity.

Never happen, you say? Sorry, it already has.

In a Santa Coloma de Gramenet, a working-class town outside Barcelona, some 462 solar panels have been erected atop mausoleums at the town cemetery. They produce enough electricity to power 60 homes annually, and are expected to avoid 62 tons of CO2 emissions a year.

Check it out:
Spain's solar cemetery
Solar panels on graves power Spanish town
In Spain, a Solar-Powered Cemetery

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