Friday, May 22, 2009

Rebate for home-grown New Jersey solar panels?

New Jersey residents interested in installing solar-energy panels on their rooftops--and those in-state companies that manufacture the panels--would both benefit from a new rebate plan under consideration by the state Board of Public Utilities.

Scott Fallon reports in today's Bergen Record that:

"The New Jersey Renewable Energy Manufacturing Incentive would give homeowners an additional 25 cents per watt on top of the current $1.75-per-watt rebate. That means a house with a modest 2-kilowatt system could see a $4,000 rebate check to offset the often costly installation."
Providing impetus to the BPU program is S-2739, legislation sponsored by Bob Smith, chairman of the state Senate's Environment Committee. The Assembly version of the bill is A-3980 .

A number of other state legislators also have been doing their part to encourage solar energy's growth.

Solar-energy legislation currently under consideration :

A-2859/S-1538 Concerns biomass, solar, and wind energy generation on farms.

A-2994 Authorizes municipalities to require solar energy elements as condition of site plan or subdivision approval.

A-3062/S-1303 Defines "inherently beneficial use" for purposes of zoning variance and specifically includes facilities and structures that supply electrical energy produced from wind, solar, or photovoltaic technologies.

A-3208/S-2429 Requires the incorporation of solar panels in design and construction of new public school facilities.

A-3218/S-1096 Creates Solar and Wind Energy Commission.

A-3238/S-1065 Permits electric public utilities, electric power suppliers and basic generation service providers to enter into certain agreements with building owners for use of solar energy systems for such buildings.

A-3347 /S-2218 Authorizes DOT, NJ Turnpike Authority, and South Jersey Transportation Authority to permit BPU-certified persons to install and maintain solar photovoltaic panels on noise barriers erected on roads and highways

A-3520 /S-2441 "The Solar Energy Advancement and Fair Competition Act."

A-3616/S-2499 Encourages purchase of NJ solar panels and wind turbines for State projects and State-funded projects

A-3701/S-1953 Requires all new State buildings to have solar or geothermal energy systems, where feasible.

A-3845/S-2569 Establishes "Solar Equipment Purchase and Installation Assistance Program" in NJ EDA.

Solar-energy bills signed into law earlier this year:

A-1558 which requires developers to offer solar energy systems in certain new home construction, and

A-2550 which permits location of certain wind and solar facilities in industrial zones.

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