Thursday, June 11, 2009

Are you sure the NJ Sierra Club said that?

In an Op-Ed in today's New Jersey Newsroom, the Sierra Club's state director calls for: "a simple and straightforward permitting process for offshore wind farms."

Is that really Jeff Tittel urging state government to apply the words "simple" and "straightforward" to the concept of permitting?

Yep. We just re-read it and that's what he's saying.

Moreover, he argues that simpler permits for wind energy farms are advisable because they'll encourage JOBS.

No kidding, read this:

"Construction, installation, operation and maintenance require a skilled labor force that can be hired and trained locally. Many of the components of wind turbines can also be fabricated locally, taking advantage of NJ strong maritime and industrial base.

Very laudable. We couldn't agree more. But just when, pray tell, did the Sierra Club begin caring about manufacturing and jobs and building the state's construction economy?

I guess we shouldn't quibble.

Although this startling transformation comes at the end of decades when enviro groups seemed united in the holy cause of chasing business, investment and development out of the state...well, as they say, better late than never.

We applaud the Sierra Club for its new-found vision. Won't it be exciting to watch them champion the same approach for onshore developments?

You will, won't you Jeff? Jeff? Hello....are you there?

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