Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Jersey guy takes delivery of 500th Tesla Roadster

A New Jersey philanthropist has become the 5ooth customer to take delivery of the much-lusted-after Tesla Roadster, the electric, zero-emission, high-performance car.

In a press release, the fledgling auto manufacturer identifies the new owner as:

"Martin Tuchman, former chairman and CEO of Interpool, is chairman of The Tuchman Foundation and a board member of The Parkinson's Alliance and Parkinson's Disease Foundation of Columbia Presbyterian Hospital in New York.

Mr. Tuchman "plans to charge his Roadster partly with solar energy thanks to photovoltaic panels he helped install throughout his hometown of Kingston, NJ," Tesla says.

Moreover, we're informed that Tucuman converted his 1937 Chris-Craft into an electric boat so he could take it on nearby Lake Carnegie which prohibits gas-powered boats. And he plans to use his Roadster "as his primary commuter car."

Mr. Tuchman's apparently got genuine enviro-creds. Not just a rich guy adding another shiny object to his big-boy toy collection.

Good for you, sir. We wish you many miles of adrenaline-pumping,
0-to-60-in-3.9-second accelerations from a dead stop.

Not to mention all that glorious cruising at the electric-equivalent of 120 miles per gallon. Very eco-friendly, indeed.

We're green, too. With envy.

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