Friday, August 28, 2009

Jackson's EPA criticizes Jackson's DEP

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, led by Lisa Jackson, has released an audit report critical of the site remediation program at a the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection during the term of its former commissioner, Lisa Jackson. Yes, the same Lisa Jackson.

Honest to a fault.

What's the matter with the Obama Administration? Didn't they learn anything from eight years under George Bush? Surely they must know how to squash, delay or simply lose anything so embarrassing.

Shouldn't they have sent it to the President's office first? Then his lawyers could refuse to release it, claiming executive privilege.

Or simply send the only copy to the Vice President's secret location. Oh, that's right, it's no longer a secret. Biden took care of that.

These new folks have a lot to learn. No problem, they can play catch-up by reading Chaney's book when it comes out.

In the meanwhile, here's the Bergen Record story on the EPA report.

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