Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Note to NJDEP nominee--buckle up!

Bob Martin was a partner in a Accenture,
a worldwide consulting firm. He has extensive experience in all aspects of business and management, including strategy, planning, business transformation & re-engineering

But he's being asked by incoming New Jersey Governor Chris Christie to lead
the state Department of Environmental Protection.

Yes, the D-E-freaking-P.

For this, his resume should include:

Led the sacking of Carthage
Survived the bombing of Dresden
Trained Navy Seal
Certified cat-herder

Bob Martin has a BA in Economics and Sociology from Boston College and an MBA from The George Washington University. As a former corporate executive, he has continuing-education credits from the school of hard knocks.

But this is the DEP he's being asked to manage. The DEP in New Jersey. The land of multiplying Superfund sites, disappearing tax base, and environmentalist who will have you for lunch and then put out a press release bragging about it.

The enviros are wishing him well. So far. Sort of.

New Jersey Environment Federation Campaign Director David Pringle, whose group endorsed Christie for governor, says:

“The most important thing is getting folks in place that can implement the great environmental agenda that the governor put together during the campaign.”

Translation: Christie had better stick with his environmental promises or we'll look bad for endorsing him and we'll have him for lunch.

New Jersey Sierra Club Director Jeff Tittel says: "The Sierra Club looks forward to working with Bob Martin." BUT
"... he is different from previous commissioners, as he does not have strong policy, government, or environmental background or experience.

Translation: Watch out, buddy boy, we know the inside game better than you. Step out of line and we'll have you for lunch.

If his nomination is approved by the Senate, Bob Martin will inherit a department that has seen significant manpower and funding cuts over the last eight years and is certain to face greater reductions as the new administration grapples with a massive budget deficit.

At the same time, his boss, Mr. Christie, wants the department to pick up the pace on permit processing and break down some if its ingrained anti-business bias.

Mr. Martin, we wish you well.

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