Thursday, April 22, 2010

Delaware breezes ahead of wind-energy pack


Delaware, the state that prides itself on being the first to ratify the U.S. Constitution, also may prove to be the first to build a wind energy farm off its coast.

The Department of the Interior yesterday issued the nation's first Request for Interest for ocean-based renewable energy development. It formally asks wind energy developers if they want to build in the waters off Delaware's southern coast.

So far, only New Jersey-headquartered NRG Bluewater Wind, which has a contract to supply Delmarva Power electricity from a wind farm off Rehoboth Beach, has publicly expressed an interest in building there, although another developer said Wednesday he wouldn't rule out a competing bid. 

Details:  News Journal’s  Delaware wind farm nearer reality

Sidebar: Delmarva Power's parent company, Conectiv, is about to be acquired by Calpine Corp., a Texas firm that specializes in natural gas-fired generation.


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Request for interest issued for Delaware offshore wind farm

Delaware is closer to riding into the wind-for renewable energy

Department of Interior news release
How offshore wind energy won in Delaware


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