Friday, May 7, 2010

Information on BP's oil disaster in the Gulf

If you're like us, you're both horrified and fascinated by the ongoing story of the environmental disaster in the Gulf of Mexico unleashed by the massive oil leak and fire at a BP drilling platform.

A single-source of great information on the spill can be found at Deepwater Horizon oil spill on the Wikipedia site. It offers a summary, lots of background information, and a continuously updated list of news stories and commentary in the References section at the bottom of the page.

We find it to be an extremely convenient way to learn about the spill and keep up to date on developments without looking all over the net for information.

An interesting view of what engineers face as they try to stem the flow is offered by Al Jazeera in the video below.

What sources of news and commentary on the spill have you found helpful? Use the comment block below to share your recommendations. If the block isn't visible, activate it by clicking on the tiny 'comments' line.

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