Monday, July 5, 2010

New York sued over Long Island Sound pollution

 Long Island Sound

The Connecticut-based environmental organization, Soundkeeper, has filed a lawsuit alleging that the NY State Department of Environmental Conservation isn't doing enough to control stormwater dumped into Long Island Sound and other water bodies.

Based in Norwalk, Conn., Soundkeeper filed the suit on June 28  in state Supreme Court in White Plains this week along with the New York City based National Resources Defense Council and several local environmental groups such as Riverkeeper in Tarrytown and Waterkeeper Alliance in Irvington. The suit alleges the state is violating pollution regulations outlined by the federal Clean Water Act.

“Summer is here. New Yorker’s are headed to the beaches to fish, swim and boat. Yet the water’s of Long Island Sound and hundreds of lakes and rivers continue to be polluted from urban run off. The permit's requirements issued by New York State in April fall far short of protecting and improving our waters” said Soundkeeper Terry Backer.  “Green roofs and other smart water practices are available today and will provide environmental and economic benefits that are simply not possible if we continue business as usual."

A DEC spokesperson said the agency does not comment on issues that are the subject of law suits. 

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