Thursday, July 29, 2010

PADEP Secretary and 'Gasland' filmmaker trade jabs

PADEP's John Hangar

Pennsylvania's Department of Environmental Protection Secretary John Hanger says film director Josh Fox was dishonest in his presentation in the award-winning film ‘Gasland.’

Hanger says that the documentary “intentionally highlights mistakes that the industry made."

"Mr. Fox clearly has an advocacy position. He wants to shut down gas drilling. He presents only information that supports his goal,” Hangar said.

The DEP Secretary's remarks were reported today in The River Reporter, a weekly newspaper out of Narrowsburg, NY. The publication has been actively covering Marcellus Shale drilling activities in New York and Pennsylvania.

Filmmaker Josh Fox
Fox, a filmmaker who lives in Milanville, PA, a small hamlet in Wayne County, shot back:

“It is Mr. Hanger that is being dishonest—not ‘Gasland’—by ignoring the problems that drilling has caused all over the state and by attacking the film and the citizens who are voicing their severe contamination issues and health problems.

“Contamination is widespread and severe. It is not only in Dimock and Fort Worth; it is everywhere the industry goes,” he said.

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