Thursday, August 26, 2010

How to get NJ's governor to throw you a green party


Want to win the applause of  New Jersey's
environmental community and get
Governor Chris Christie to throw you
a party at his mansion? 

1.  Read about the Governor's Environmental Excellence Awards 

2.  Decide whether your business, town, or educator qualifies.
      Not sure? Check out the profiles of the 2008 winners    

3.  Download an application form (your choice of pdf or MS Word)

4.  Submit your application by September 16, 2010

5.  Learn in November that you are a winner

6.  Start planning what to wear to the Governor's Mansion.

If you are not declared a winner:

  Give yourself an entire day to sulk

  Suck it up and start planning a better program for next year.

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