Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Latest heat-beater: Plump, red, Jersey (rooftop) tomatoes

First, it was windmills. Then solar panels.

Now the Atlantic County Utilities Authority is exploring the benefits of green roofs.

The New Jersey authority has allowed a New York company to plant greenery on the roof of the brick building it leases to Comcast.

The goal is for the plants to soak up rain, deflect the sun's heat, insulate the building and protect the roof, ACUA President Rick Dovey said.

"The sod-busters had it right," he said of the Great Plains settlers who built homes with turf.

Plant Connection, Inc., based in Dix Hills, N.Y., donated the greenery to the ACUA as a demonstration project in hopes the idea catches on in southern New Jersey as it has in other parts of the country.

See the entire story from today's Press of Atlantic City.

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