Friday, September 24, 2010

NJ bills reward homegrown solar & wind manufacturing

Identical bills in both houses of the New Jersey Legislature would provide a significant business boost to in-state companies that produce (or might be wooed to the state to produce) solar panels or wind turbines.

The bills would require that government contracts for solar and wind projects be awarded to the lowest responsible bidder whose principal place of business is in New Jersey or who uses a majority of parts manufactured or assembled as a final product in the Garden State.

S-793 (Madden/Beach) and A-1555 (Lampitt/DeAngelo/Greenstein) would apply to projects "to be paid with or out of State funds, or in whole or in part with a grant or loan provided by the State to a governmental entity."

The Senate legislation is in position for a floor vote in that house. The Assembly bill awaits consideration by the State Government Committee.

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