Wednesday, September 22, 2010

NJ's LSRP licensing board is nearing full strength

** Correction: We erred in our original listing of Michael Pisauro as representing the New Jersey Environmental Federation. Mr. Pisauro represents the New Jersey Environmental Lobby**

The New Jersey Senate's Judiciary Committee tomorrow (9/23) is expected to approve the nominations of five of the remaining six persons named by Governor Chris Christie to the New Jersey Site Remediation Professional Licensing Board. The full Senate will need to confirm the committee action but that vote generally is virtually automatic. 

If approved by the committee and the Senate, the makeup of the board will look like this:

Site Remediation Professional Licensing Board  - 13 members

DEP Commissioner or designee  (1)

State Geologist  (1)

Business (1)
Richard T. Dewling, PhD    Dewling Associates, Inc.    3-year term

Academic (1)
James Mack   NJIT York Center for Environmental Engineering & Science   4 years

Environmental Organizations (3)
Joann L. Held                      Alliance of New Jersey Environmental Educators   3 years
Michael L. Pisauro, Jr.,        New Jersey Environmental Lobby                  2 years
**Benjamin Alter  (LSRP)     GZA GeoEnvironmental, Inc. - GreenFaith            
1 year    
** (Nomination pending)

Site Remediation Professionals (6)
Christopher J. Motta     ARCADIS                                                            1 year
Ira Whitman                 Whitman Companies                                            4 years
Lawra Dodge                Excel Environmental Resources, Inc.                     3 years
Jorge Berkowitz            Langan Engineering and Environmental Services     2 years
Philip I. Brilliant             Brilliant Lewis Environmental Services                   2 years
Constantine Tsentas      ATC Associates, Inc.                                          1 year

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