Saturday, October 16, 2010

Don't worry, New Jersey, it's just a movie, right?

Watch this video and then tell me you don't want to catch the flick

The Soprano State: New Jersey's Culture of Corruption is based on the best-selling book written by Gannett's Trenton bureau chief  Bob Ingle and veteran political reporter Sandy McClure. The  film will be released starting October 22 in the following select Clearview Cinemas:

The Soprano StateHeadquarters 10 Theatres, Morristown NJ          
Tenafly Cinema 4, Tenafly NJ
Clairidge Cinemas, Montclair NJ
Red Bank Art Cinema, Red Bank NJ
Hoboken Cinema 5, Hoboken NJ
Manhasset Cinemas, Manhasset NY
Cinema 100, White Plains NY
First & 62nd Cinemas, 400 E 62nd St. NY
Chelsea Cinemas, 260 W 23rd St. NY
American Place Cinema, Flemington NJ

If you can't get to the theater, read the book, published by St. Martins Griffin ($14.95 in your local bookstore or online from Barnes and Noble starting at $10)

I picked up a copy in early summer at a shop on Long Beach Island thinking it would be a good beach read. Like many others, I had avidly followed the corruption scandals of recent decades as they unfolded in the daily newspapers. But I was surprised to discover how many of the names and the details I had forgotten. Some of that surely is due to time, but the sheer weight and breadth of Jersey-style political chicanery also plays a role.

The book, like the characters and incidents it chronicles, is funny, entertaining, sometimes shocking and ultimately depressing. New Jersey doesn't change much over time no matter how many investigations and launched and convictions are won.

So you'd  better get the book or catch the film soon. In a few years, the sequel will be out with a whole new cast of characters.   

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