Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tom Corbett - Best fracking governor for Pennsylvania?

The greenback votes of the natural gas drilling industry have been counted and they've selected Tom Corbett  to be Pennsylvania's next governor. 

An analysis of campaign contributions reported from 2001 through mid-September by the Conservation Voters of Pennsylvania and Common Cause PA, shows that Corbett, the Republican candidate for governor, has accepted more than $700,000 in campaign donations from the gas industry--more than all other Pennsylvania candidates combined.
And why wouldn't the drillers support Corbett? After all, he opposes taxing the industry despite the fact that virtually every other natural gas state has imposed an extraction tax.

Why shouldn't Pennsylvania? Corbett's spokesperson says Tom believes a tax would limit gas development in Pennsylvania.

Does anyone really believe that?  Do you seriously think that an industry, rushing to drill into as many farms, fields and state parks as they can gain rights to, will pack up and leave behind hundreds of millions in revenues because of a trifling tax?  
If you do, you probably also believe the industry's contention that fracking has never poisoned a single drinking water well. How about the Easter Bunny?  Believe that one, too?
Guess who was the second largest beneficiary of the gas industry's contributions?

State Senate Republican leader Joe Scarnati. His caucus is blocking an extraction tax bill that was approved in the House.

Without action on the tax this year, it will die.  And when the legislation is reintroduced next year, guess who likely will be the governor with veto power?

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