Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Scientists ask climate-doubter Christie to stay after class

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie told a town hall audience last week that he needs to see more science to convince him that humans are responsible for global warming. Today, a number of  university scientists offered to provide just the tutorial he needs.

In a letter, Michael Oppenheimer of Princeton University and Jim Miller, Judith Weis, and Paul Falkowski of Rutgers University invited the Governor and his staff to a Dec 7 (revised date) climate forum in Trenton organized by Environment New Jersey and other environmental organizations. Oppenheimer, and Miller will be joined on the panel  by Alan Robock of Rutgers University.

"I would be happy to help inform Governor Christie about the scientific evidence of climate change, and its potential impacts to the citizens of New Jersey and the nation.  The evidence that climate change is directly related to human activities is compelling, and the fundamental data are not in dispute," said Paul Falkowski of Rutgers University, Institute of Marine and Coastal Sciences.

“New Jersey must forge ahead to implement solutions to climate change. As these scientists have asserted, the debate about whether humans are a leading cause and thus if we should act has largely been settled,” said Dena Mottola Jaborska, Executive Director of Environment New Jersey in a news release.

On Sunday, New Jersey Sierra Club director and chief quipster Jeff Tittel declared that the governor's comment "has more to do with political science than sound science." 

"By aligning himself with the right wing of the Republican Party, the Tea Party and other groups funded by coal industry, the governor may get political gain but will impose long-term consequences to New Jersey’s environment and economy," Tittel added in an op-ed piece in The Record.

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