Thursday, November 4, 2010

Video: A new way to hammer home your opinion

A decade ago, newspaper editorial writers and columnists who wanted to convince you of their argument had to rely on a skillful use of words to appeal to your sense of logic and emotions. Today they have a powerful new weapon: video.

It’s one thing to imagine the argument, another to see it.

To stay connected to a generation that was raised on television and  now gets its news and opinion primarily from internet sources, newspapers are learning that the use of  video is not only important but perhaps crucial.

Most newspapers are just starting to catch on. Smart publications, like the (Newark) Star–Ledger are using video with increased skill.

An example is The Tool Kit has to happen,  which ran in yesterday’s edition and may have been missed by many readers in the deluge of election day coverage. 

Click on the arrow inside the picture below to see how Brian Donohue uses props and previous press conference video clips to, well, hammer home his point.

Do you like the use of video in today’s electronic newsletters? 
What else do you like about the online format?  Are you still reading the paper edition of your daily newspaper?  What keeps you using and paying for that format?  Share your opinion in the box at the bottom of this post.

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