Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Environmental & energy bills sent to NJ Gov. Christie

Both houses of the New Jersey Legislature were busy passing environmental and energy bills on Monday, Jan. 10.  Several of them received final passage and were sent to Gov. Christie for review and possible signing. They included:  

A-2215  McKeon, J.F. (D-27); Chivukula, U.J. (D-17)
Permits developer to qualify for low-interest loan from NJEDA when building a  high performance green building.
Related Bill: S-2558
A-2529  Chivukula, U.J. (D-17); Quijano, A. (D-20); Stender, L. (D-22)
Concerns energy efficiency and renewable energy requirements. Related Bill: S-2306
A-2859  Quijano, A. (D-20); Burzichelli, J.J. (D-3); Riley, C.M. (D-3); Evans, E. (D-35)
Authorizes sale and lease of unneeded public property to certain nonprofits for gardening and urban farming and exempts such urban farms from property taxation. Related Bill: S-1964
S-483  Lesniak, R.J. (D-20); Coutinho, A. (D-29); Quigley, J.M. (D-32)
Expands availability of general development plan approvals and long-term vesting
of preliminary and final site plan approvals in Smart Growth areas.
Related Bill: A-3295
S-2126  Whelan, J. (D-2); Haines, P.E. (R-8)
Permits development of solar and wind facilities and structures on landfills and resource extraction operations under certain circumstances. Related Bill: A-3139
S-2381  Smith, B. (D-17); Bateman, C. (R-16)
Establishes a long-term capacity agreement pilot program to promote construction of qualified electric generation facilities.
Streamlining the regulatory process

Also receiving final legislative approval were three bills designed to streamline the process used by state agencies to adopt and amend rules and regulations. The bills grew out of a review conducted in the early months of the Christie's Administration by Lt. Gov. Kim Guadagno's Red Tape Review Group. Praised by business organizations and criticized by the Sierra Club, they are:

A-2720  Burzichelli, J.J. (D-3); Rumana, S.T. (R-40); Caputo, R.R. (D-28
Establishes new procedure in "Administrative Procedure Act" to allow substantial changes to agency rule-making upon adoption.  Related Bill: S-2014
A-2721  Burzichelli, J.J. (D-3); Rumana, S.T. (R-40); Quijano, A. (D-20
Changes five year chapter expiration date for rules to 10 years; changes procedures
for re-adoption of rules. 
Related Bill: S-2013

A-2853  Burzichelli, J.J. (D-3); Milam, M.W. (D-1); Albano, N.T. (D-1)   
Streamlines process for State and local agency business permits related
to economic development projects. 

Learn more about the legislation above in the stories below. 

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Legislature clears ‘green’ developer bill A bill that would give incentives to developers for building environmentally-friendly buildings cleared both houses of the legislature Monday. The legislation would qualify developers for low-interest loans from the New Jersey Economic Development Association if they build high-performance green buildings Star-Ledger

Bills streamline the way business gets done NJ Spotlight

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