Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Pennsylvania environmental and energy legislation

The following environmental and energy bills have been introduced in the Pennsylvania
Senate and referred to the ENVIRONMENTAL RESOURCES AND ENERGY Committee:

    SB91 (Greenleaf) Amends the Oil and Gas Act, providing for gas mineral rights lease agreement disclosure and indemnification.

SB112 (Greenleaf) Requires the construction and maintenance of a bicycle and jogging path of at least one mile in length in any state park of 1, 000 acres or more.

    SB113 ( Greenleaf) Requires the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources to inventory all rivers, streams and lakes in this Commonwealth to identify current boating, canoeing, rafting and other recreational activities, including water levels and related water conditions.

    SB127 (Williams) Amends the Oil and Gas Act to require the disclosure of the contents of hydraulic fracture fluids used in the drilling of wells.

    SB151 (Pileggi) Amends the Air Pollution Control Act, to provide for the return of 25 percent of fines over $50,000 to the municipality in which the violation occurred.

(D. White)
Amends the Pennsylvania Infrastructure Investment Authority Act to make storm water projects designed to manage urban runoff eligible for funding under certain conditions.   

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