Saturday, January 8, 2011

What Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell will miss the least

In an exit interview with the Harrisburg press corps
on January 6, Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell,
a Democrat, was asked what he'll miss least when Republican Tom Corbett takes over the office on January 18.

Here's what Rendell said:

"The thing that I will miss least is the partisanship. I think my business has become a terrible business. If you had told me six years ago that I would be in my last two weeks as governor and I wouldn’t be looking forward to the end of my career as a public official with dread, I’d have said you were crazy. I would have been full of dread and melancholy. But I’m not. Because this place has become –and it’s not just this place, it’s Washington, it’s Sacramento, it’s Albany, it’s everywhere. Far too much partisanship. The first thought of 90 percent of the people in state capitols is how we screw the other side, not how we benefit the people. There’s too much ideological posturing -- people signing no-tax pledges because they want to get elected, people afraid to vote for any commonsense initiatives."

Amen to that, governor.  

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