Friday, April 15, 2011

Black Bear gets easy pass out of tree along NJ Turnpike

The New Jersey Turnpike is the scene of plenty of news events--lengthy traffic jams, multi-vehicle accidents and an occasional police pursuit. But the big Turnpike news today was really, really big--at least a couple of hundred pounds worth.

Startled motorists watched a black bear cross the high-speed roadway early this morning and then climb some 20 feet into a tree off Exit 8.

It's difficult to excite New Jerseyans, but the appearance of such a big hunk of nature in a section of the state better known for housing developments and warehouses set off a bit of a frenzy.

Hearing the news, some local residents grabbed their cameras and jumped into their cars. The media, of course, sped to the scene, and a FOX  News copter caught it all on the video (see below).

It's hard enough to get a kitten out of a tree but a big black bear--wow!  Our hats are off to the firemen and state wildlife men who managed to get the bear safely to ground.  In a genuinely human gesture, a number of those burly guys sneaked up after the tranquilized bear was loaded into a truck, to give the bruin a reassuring pat. Well done, all!

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