Saturday, April 23, 2011

The early bird gets the Jersey Fresh asparagus

Today, April 23, is the first day of the year that New Jersey grown asparagus should start appearing at roadside farm markets and retail stores.

The asparagus harvest is most active between May 1 and May 30, but you can still find some New Jersey asparagus as late as June 25. After that, it's wait till next year.

How do I know this?  I'm cribbing from the Harvest Dates Availability Chart on the state Department of Agriculture's Jersey Fresh page.  

Take a peek and you'll see that Jersey's early spinach crop also should be hitting the farm stands right about now. 

Here 's how to search for a roadside market in your area or a pick-your-own farm.

Fresh asparagus, fresh spinach, yum!   

Jersey Fresh Coming Attractions 

Lettuce - May 20 - July 15
Strawberries -
June 1 - June 10
Cabbage - June 10 - Oct. 31
Peas - June 15 - June 25
Onions - June 25 - July 31
Snap beans - June 20 - July 20
Squash - June 25 - September 1
Beets - July 1 - Oct. 31

Are you an asparagus or spinach lover? What's your favorite way of preparing them?
Mine is to have someone else do it. And yours? Tell us in the comment box below.
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