Wednesday, April 27, 2011

What you can do to keep a New York farm in business

We received this message today from the New York  League of Conservation Voters and pass it along to you in its entirety.

You already know that locally grown is good for New York's environment, economy and public health. It tastes better, too.

But did you know this? A New York farm goes out of business and is lost to development every three and a half days.

The state's existing Farmland Protection Program simply cannot keep up with the high demand or intense pressure to develop agricultural lands. A new approach is needed right away, or more farms will be lost for good.

Over the coming days, lawmakers in Albany will be working on proposals to generate new revenue to save New York's farms.

Please join NYLCV in asking the Legislature to protect New York's agricultural industry and keep high-quality, locally made products on New Yorkers' tables.

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