Thursday, May 12, 2011

NJ committee schedules a dozen environmental bills

Members of the Assembly Environment and Solid Waste Committee are scheduled to consider a dozen environmental bills when they meet on Monday, May 16, in Trenton.

On the committee's agenda are:

A-3633  Jasey, M.M. (D-27); McKeon, J.F. (D-27)
Requires plans, specifications, and bid proposal documents for certain local public contracts to address soil contamination.

A-3724  Quijano, A. (D-20)
Prohibits developer from diverting storm water runoff to adjacent or nearby private property.
Related Bill: S-2601

A-3806  Stender, L. (D-22); McKeon, J.F. (D-27)
Includes energy produced by certain geothermal heat pumps as class I renewable energy.

A-4050  McKeon, J.F. (D-27); Burzichelli, J.J. (D-3); Moriarty, P.D. (D-4)
Appropriates $45 million from "2009 Green Acres Fund" and $12 million from "2009 Blue Acres Fund" for State acquisition of lands for recreation and conservation purposes, including Blue Acres projects.
Related Bill: S-2859

A-4051  Benson, D.R. (D-14); Riley, C.M. (D-3); Milam, M.W. (D-1)
Appropriates $14,818,787 from "2009 Green Acres Fund" and "Garden State Green Acres Preservation Trust Fund" for grants to certain nonprofit entities to acquire or develop lands for recreation and conservation purposes.  Related Bill: S-2858

A-4052  DeAngelo, W.P. (D-14); Wagner, C. (D-38); Conaway, H. (D-7)
Appropriates $84,495,199 from "2009 Green Acres Fund" and "Garden State Green Acres Preservation Trust Fund" for local government open space acquisition and park development projects.
Related Bill: S-2857

A-4055  Benson, D.R. (D-14); DeAngelo, W.P. (D-14); Johnson, G.M. (D-37)
Appropriates funds to DEP for environmental infrastructure projects for FY2012.

A-4056  Mainor, C. (D-31); Wagner, C. (D-38); Lampitt, P.R. (D-6)
Makes certain changes to NJ Environmental Infrastructure Trust Financing Program.
Related Bill: S-2004

A-4057  Albano, N.T. (D-1); Milam, M.W. (D-1); Stender, L. (D-22); Green, J. (D-22)
Authorizes New Jersey Environmental Infrastructure Trust to expend certain sums to make loans for environmental infrastructure projects for FY2012.

ACR-193  McKeon, J.F. (D-27); Quijano, A. (D-20); Conaway, H. (D-7)
Approves FY 2012 Financial Plan of New Jersey Environmental Infrastructure Trust.

AR-146  Lampitt, P.R. (D-6)
Memorializes Congress to modernize Toxic Substances Control Act.  Related Bill: SR-110

AR-158  McKeon, J.F. (D-27); Mainor, C. (D-31); Benson, D.R. (D-14)
Urges Governor to immediately authorize Delaware and Raritan Canal Commission to hire staff, and to continue to uphold mission of commission and authorizing law.
Planning to attend? 
The committee will meet at 2 p.m. in Room 9 in the State House Annex in Trenton.  

Or you can listen live online.  Or after the hearing is adjourned

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