Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Corbett stares down PA lawmakers on gas-drilling fees

PA Governor Tom Corbett
Pennsylvania's Republican majority legislators, who have been working to adopt natural gas impact fees in conjunction with the state's budget legislation, abandoned that plan yesterday after Governor Tom Corbett made it clear that he'd veto any legislation containing the fees.

Corbett, who has been a hardline supporter of the natural gas industry (which helped fund his election campaign last year), said he would not consider any fees on natural gas wells until the Marcellus Shale commission, that he appointed, submits its report next month on the effects of drilling.

The Republican governor was unequivocal in his stance.

"I have sent this message back: If something gets to my desk, it will be vetoed," he said.

For more, see today's Morning Call story: Debate on gas drillers' impact fee put off

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