Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Winning hearts and minds of six-year-olds--for fracking

Hi boys and girls. Meet Tailsman Terry, the Friendly Fracosaurus.

He's going to tell you all about the wonderful world of fracking.

It's healthy. It's patriotic. And best of all it's fun.

Have your parent or older brother or sister read the fun story of fracking to you as you use your crayons to color in the pictures of happy drilling sites.

See the happy trees and animals and the smiling sun.

Look at the happy trucks and pipelines that you may get to see when Tailsman Terry and his friends start getting energy from the ground near you.

Hey, look, there's a mom and dad smiling with a man from the fracking company who just got permission to drill on your property.

And isn't it great that everything will be put back nice and clean and happy when they're all done? 

What? You don't have the Friendly Fracosaurus Coloring Book?  Don't worry, little friend. You can get one for free at the next community picnic or your mom or dad can use their computer to get one just for you.

So, get those crayons ready and have a happy fracking day.

NOTE TO GROWNUPS: For more information on the gas industry's educational campaign for kids, check out Color Me Fracked in today's Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

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