Monday, July 25, 2011

Enviros sweating summer hearings on NJ's Energy Plan

Q. Who schedules public hearings on a major issue like the state's energy future in the middle of summer when everyone's focused on vacation, travel and dealing with the heat?

A.  The New Jersey Board of Public Utilities, that's who.

Q.  Weren't the Energy Management Plan hearings supposed to happen months ago?

A.   Yes, but the release of the BPU's draft plan was 'delayed.'

Q.  Isn't that a bit suspicious?

A.   Environmental organizations apparently think so. They already held one press conference at the Statehouse to draw attention to the issue and are planning another tomorrow before the first hearing gets under way in Newark.

Q.  Can we assume the environmentalists don't like the proposal?

A.  Is the Pope Catholic? Are bears wandering through suburban NJ neighborhoods?

Q.  What is in the proposal?

A.  Read it for yourself with a single click:  2001 Draft Energy Master Plan.

Q.  Whoa!  That's 128 pages long.  I was planning to take a Danielle Steel to read on the beach.

A.   You'll find a seven-page summary starting on page 7.  Even The Situation should be able to handle that.

Q.  When are the hearing dates?

A.   July 26, August 3, August 11.  See our Enviro-Events Calendar for details.

Q.   Thanks.  By the way, who's running the BPU these days?

A.   Lee Solomon, the guy interviewed below (starting at 4 minutes and 50 seconds)

Watch the full episode. See more NJToday.

Q.  Will Lee Solomon be at the hearings?

A.   Most likely.

Q.  Will The Situation be there?

A.  Sorry, it's summer and Answer Man has left for the Jersey Shore. Please leave your questions or comments in the opinion box below. We'll get back to you in the fall. Bye!

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