Friday, October 14, 2011

Got an enviropolitical photo you'd care to share?

Petty's Run, Allentown, NJ. 10/13/2011, Frank Brill, Blackberry
Fall is a great season for picture-taking. 
If you have one you'd like to share here on EnviroPolitics Blog--and on our EnviroPolitics Facebook page--please send it along.

It can be anything with an environmental or political theme taken anytime in New Jersey, Pennsylvania,
New York or Delaware. 
It does not have to be a sunset or a grove of trees in full, fall spendor.  
Maybe you're the sort who finds inspiration in a refinery, at a water treatment plant, or among a crowd outside the state Capitol protesting (or supporting) natural gas fracking.
If we get enough entries, maybe we'll give out a prize.  Maybe a Prius.  
Eh, maybe not. How about a tee shirt?
Send your photo, as an email attachment, to:

Include a little information about what you shot, and where, and what you used to take it
(i.e., with your Nikon, iPhone, Blackberry or pin-hole camera).
Don't sweat the details. Don't restrict yourself.  Get creative. Have fun. Surprise us!

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