Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Happy 80th Birthday, John le Carre!

We suspect that folks who refer to John le Carré as an espionage novelist have read few,
or any, of his books.

He certainly is a master of the spy craft, that dark art that gained popular attention during the Cold War and continues to grow in geographic, technical and financial complexity in a new age of international terrorism.

And he's still schooling us in the shifting nuances of espionage--frightening lessons learned through his amazingly complex and compelling characters.

But, Mr. le Carre's most important contribution to 20th century literature (yes, literature) goes far beyond cyanide pills, safe houses, duplicity and national loyalty.

It's the exquisite skill of his writing that transcends all the rest.

This loyal reader, who has been blessed with countless hours of pleasure hunched over a rich stream of le Carre novels, finds him simply to be one of the greatest writers in the English language.

You can read what the master is up to, on his 80th birthday, in this New York Times interview.

 Better still, pick up any one of his novels (old or new) and prepare yourself to be delighted.

Happy Birthday, John!

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