Sunday, October 16, 2011

Martin Robins sadly recalls NJ's tunnel to nowhere

ARC tunnel station sketch
With the recent report on how the Christie Administration has settled its outstanding bill with the federal government for the massive New Jersey to Manhattan commuter rail tunnel that was killed last year, the once intensely covered mass-transit story is likely to disappear from public view and memory.

For Martin Robins, the original project director for the Access to Regional Core (ARC) tunnel, however, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie's decision to terminate the project was a shock at the time and remains a source of deep disappoiontment.

In an October 13 interview with NJ Today anchor Mike Schneider, Robins recounts how difficult it was to overcome interstate obstacles, generate financing, and 'thread the needle" to find a workable route under the Hudson and available facility space in Manhattan.

He talks abut the project's eerie entombment in North Bergen, what likely has happened to the mountain of engineering data and plans that ARC generated, and whether the project could ever be restarted.

The interview begins at the 17:06 minute mark in the video below.


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