Thursday, October 20, 2011

NJ towns (finally) taking advantage of energy savings

Replacing aging boilers and lighting systems in town hall isn't as sexy as showing voters the new solar panels on the roof, but more than 460 municipalities in New Jersey--responding to some terrific economic incentives provided by the state Board of Public Utilities and aggressive marketing efforts by private energy companies--are finally catching up.

Often the energy efficiency upgrades cost the town nothing, but in all cases they're expected to save taxpayers a bundle.

You would think that it would have been an easy sell to cash-strapped local governments.  It wasn't. See our earlier post: Is your town missing this energy-savings opportunity? 
But, finally, local governments are waking up and smelling the savings.

The public affairs television show Caucus New Jersey dedicated a recent broadcast to the issue, starting with a tour of the boiler room in a typical municipal building and following up with a panel discussion.

If you're interested in the energy efficiency and the environmental benefits it can bring, you'll likely find the program Living Green: Clean Energy for Municipalities worth your time.

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