Thursday, November 10, 2011

Lee Solomon leaving top NJBPU post for the bench

reports this morning that Board of Public Utilities President Lee Solomon will step down from his post to resume his career behind the bench.
A Chris Christie administration official this morning said Solomon would make the announcement later today.

Rumors of Solomon's departure had been circulating for some time, and were reported previously in the NJBIZ Grapevine column.

The source said Solomon would be returning to his work as a judge. The move apparently is related to pension rules, the source said.

Solomon has had a long career in politics, as a prosecutor, and as a judge. During his tenure as chief at the BPU, a number of major energy issues emerged, including public financing for offshore wind turbines, the structure of credits for solar energy installations and the future of gas-fueled and perhaps even nuclear facilities in the state.

The role of state government and the BPU is these areas is still being developed.  His successor will arrive at a critical time for energy policy.

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