Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Time runs out on Delaware's offshore wind project

With no prospect of federal support in sight and no domestic or European buyer willing to assume future costs, Delaware's offshore wind energy project is officially dead.

The (Wilmington) News-Journal reported today that NRG Energy terminated its landmark offshore wind power contract with Delmarva Power on Tuesday.
"The hard-won 2008 power purchase agreement, the first for offshore wind in the United States, was considered an essential ingredient in building a wind farm off the coast of Delaware. Tuesday was the final day under the contract for Bluewater to exercise an escape clause without forfeiting a $4 million security deposit.

"Officials at NRG, which purchased Bluewater in 2009, notified Delmarva's parent company, Pepco Holdings Inc., of the termination Tuesday afternoon, said Matt Likovich, a Delmarva spokesman. Delmarva reported it accepted the termination."
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