Monday, December 5, 2011

Top 2 environmental news stories for PA & NJ - 12/5/11

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In Pennsylvania

Cabot report on whistleblower's claims expected Wednesday Cabot Oil and Gas Corp. did not submit a report to state environmental regulators as planned on Wednesday that will detail the natural gas driller’s investigation of a whistle-blower’s claims of spills and cover-ups during the first years of its Susquehanna County operations Scranton Times-Tribune

Learning too late the perils in gas well leases
After Scott Ely and his father talked with a salesman from an energy company about signing the lease allowing gas drilling on their land in northern Pennsylvania, he said he felt certain it required the company to leave the property as good as new New York Times

In New Jersey

BPU moves to block PSE&G for special incentives State’s largest utility wants package worth nearly $900 million for transmission line project  NJ Spotlight

State Board questions JCP&L earnings
The NJ Board of Public Utilities has decided to initiate a proceeding to look into allegations that the state's second-largest utility is earning significantly more than what the agency has established as a reasonable return on its investments
NJ Spotlight > Sixteen towns mull dumping JCP&L AP

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